Mirusha Falls

I contemplated several different titles for this blog post, including “Our First and LAST Hike with Jessica”, “Why I Don’t Hike”, and “You Said We Were Taking a Short Uphill Walk.”

Jessica had the day off on Friday and offered to take Stacey and I to Mirusha Falls, a waterfall and swimming hole about an hour outside of the city. Now, Stacey and I aren’t the most outdoorsy people, but Jessica assured us that it wasn’t really a hike, more of a short uphill walk to get to the top of the falls and the place she wanted to swim. We both want to see more of Kosovo, and we were feeling adventurous so we said let’s go!

The drive was very pretty, and we only made a few wrong turns. It’s not always easy to find things here. Eventually we made our way to a very small, windy and bumpy road that promised the waterfalls were ahead. We parked and started walking.

This is the kind of “hike” I was imagining.

Right away we saw the beautiful waterfall, a large pool of water, and a few stands to buy refreshments and enjoy the view. It was gorgeous. I was thinking, “Oh, yeah, this took like 5 minutes and we’re here. I don’t even think it was uphill. How fun!” Little did I know, Jessica had other plans for us.





We started to make our way up what she called a trail, but I use that word very loosely. My thoughts alternated between “JR would be so proud that I did this” and “How proud will he be if I’m dead”.





It didn’t take long before Stacey and I were starting to struggle, even though Jessica hadn’t broken a sweat. She just continued on her merry way – upright, I might add, while Stacey and I were using more of a bear-crawl approach on all fours.

We heard whistling from down below, and looked to see the men from the restaurant waving at us and trying to get our attention. Stacey thought they were trying to tell us that we had gone the wrong way, but Jessica and I thought they were just saying hi, so we just kept going. A few minutes later, we realized one of the young men had actually climbed up to get us, to tell us we were in fact headed the wrong way. Oops!







Right before he stopped us, I swear Jessica was about to head directly up that cliff. There is no trail there!

So we had to backtrack through some tricky areas, but eventually we got to the next waterfall. Stacey and I were quite relieved to take a break, and we got some nice pictures.





Jessica informed us it was time to keep moving, we STILL hadn’t reached the swimming spot. This is how we felt about that.


We struggled uphill a bit further, and came to another waterfall and beautiful pool of water. Now, a word about me. I don’t think I have EVER just jumped into water like this. I can rock a swimming pool, I usually do okay in a lake with a lot of other people, and you know how I feel about the ocean, so when Jessica said it was time to swim, I was a bit scared. But I didn’t want to chicken out! I came this close to asking if there was any Kosovar Loch Ness Monster I needed to worry about, but I threw caution to the wind and jumped in. It was absolutely freezing, but it felt awesome. We couldn’t believe we were the only people up there.




Look at those bathing beauties! 🙂

I totally want to go back with JR. I have a very romantic notion of frolicking under a waterfall, like the scene from Cocktail (what a classic!) with “Run for the Shelter of Your Love” playing in the background. I’m sure he’ll be super pumped to play along. If you don’t immediately know what I’m talking about, shame on you.

The hike back down was pretty rough. Considering how much trouble we had finding a trail on the way up, it’s not surprising that we got lost. Jessica thought she had found the way down, and wound up going down a really steep incline. She couldn’t get back up. She thought she would find another way out, and said that Stacey and I (experienced hikers that we are) should try to find another way and she’d meet us at the bottom. How could that plan possibly go wrong? Stacey and I quickly realized we were not cut out for doing this on our own. We made our way back to where we had left Jessica, thinking she was long gone and we’d just try to make our way following her. Turns out, she was standing right where we had last seen her, and she was kind of stuck. She couldn’t find another way out, and she didn’t think she could get back up to us on her own.

Poor thing. After seeing Stacey and I struggle the whole morning, it’s no wonder she was skeptical when I told her I could help her. But we got her back up, and with our little group reunited we managed to make our way back to the bottom of the waterfall, with just a few scrapes and a lot of dirt covering us. Oh and we got to see this guy cliff jump/dive from pretty high up! Can you spot him sitting on the cliff?


It was a really awesome way to spend the day, and I can’t wait to go back. Thank you Jessica and Stacey for such a fun experience!

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